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Team Foundation Event Bus

Team Foundation Event Bus decouples the Team Foundation Server event system from SOAP. It collates and writes messages to Microsoft Message Queues instead. This provides a simpler client interface without having to inline WCF services or being constrained to what is possible in IIS.

Concepts: TFS Notification Service, MSMQ, ASP.Net, Web Services, Entity Framework
Development: C# and .Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2008

How does it work

  • TFEB provides a common and central SOAP endpoint for TFS events. All of the TFS events are subscribed to this single endpoint.
  • When the endpoint receives a notification from TFS it first runs an XPath-based filter on it and places the raw message into an appropriate message queue.
  • The client API receives this raw data and automatically deserializes it into strongly-typed .Net objects.

Getting Started

Visit the installation instructions to get started.


Contributors are welcome. You need to have experience with TFS as a VCS (Codeplex and/or corporate). Please contact Jonathan Dickinson with the following template:

Briefly describe yourself. Please include your real name and which country you hail from.

Briefly describe what value you would bring to the project.

Provide a list of open source project you have been involved in. Try to provide a very brief summary of each.

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